firstServices is expanding and we need more associates! One of the major goals of firstServices and PSA, as a whole, is to teach transferable job and entrepreneurial skills to undergraduate and graduate students at the University of Pennsylvania. You do not have to have prior experience in business or intend to go into the business sector to benefit from all that PSA has to offer.

firstServices values growth and potential, so if you are willing to learn and make some money (you can earn up to $50/day), and want a flexible work schedule, then you should apply! Additional promotion opportunities are available for students at all experience levels.

If you would like to apply, please do the following task:

Please fill out the general PSA Interest Form and click firstServices as the agency you are interested in. By completing this form, you will receive updates about the application and recruitment process via email. For more information about the application requirements, please vist the Join Our Team page on the PSA website.

* fS is currently hiring for these manager positions for the Spring 2021- Spring 2022 term:

Marketing and Outreach Manager

Products Manager

If you have any questions about any roles, please email the Executive Director at executive@psafirstservices.com. Any questions about the hiring process and recruitment please email talentacquistion@pennstudentagencies.com.